The project study audio-visual is our first passion.

Today we propose this service regardless of the achievement of project and may include the study, the writing of a specification and the supervision of work on site.

Depending on your wishes and needs, the solutions that we design are paying particular attention :
  • to respect and the front of the image of the company or site
  • to increase the efficiency in the work or the presentation
  • to the integration of the hardware in the place
  • to the costs of operation and maintenance, to the reliability

rue de l'Athénée, 2
B-4130 Esneux
tel +32 4 383 55 13
fax +32 4 383 55 14

30, rue des Champs
L-8285 Kehlen
tel +352 2021 1573
fax +352 2021 1573-50
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