Transform your traditional meeting room into a creative room - 08/02/2022

For several years, creative spaces have been growing like mushrooms. Not only do they encourage creativity but they also foster the initiative and innovation of the employees who use them. A creativity room has simply become a must for any company operating in this digital world of ours.

A constantly changing world
In addition to this need for digitisation, every company must nowadays stand out from the competition and reinvent itself on a daily basis. As our world is constantly changing, it is necessary to be more agile. Then comes the need to change our mindset, to look at the world of work differently.
We are therefore moving more and more towards spaces of creativity that represent undeniable assets for any company that wants to evolve and reinvent itself. In other words, having a creativity room really becomes a must have for companies committed to innovation and concerned about their evolution.

What is a creativity room, after all?
As its name suggests, these innovative meeting rooms stimulate creativity through a layout that will allow the various employees of a company to feel "like at home".
It is a space with relaxation zones where new working methodologies can be approached such as Agile or Design Thinking. To strengthen the "home-like" aspect and stimulate creativity, we will opt for furniture of different sizes (sitting-standing, sofa, pouffe,...) and bright colours.

An asset for the employer
Changing the traditional framework can only be beneficial for workers. A creative room is a place for sharing, communication and the emergence of new ideas, and is also an asset to the employer. It facilitates recruitment but also builds loyalty among employees already present in the company.
With Generation X and Y now more than ever in search of a mission and meaning in their work, creativity rooms can provide a solution to these questions and allow everyone to develop their creative potential.

Brainstorm effectively with simple technologies
Another important point is to create technical efficiency. The simpler and more efficient the technology tools are, the more employees in the different departments will be able to focus on their creativity and brainstorm, without wasting time training themselves in new technology.

WAVEinside offers to transform your rooms into creative spaces and digitalize them to better collaborate, share and communicate.

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