WAVE was founded in 1993 and defines itself as an Audiovisual Integrator offering :
a Design Office Service, an Installation Service and a Maintenance Contract Service.

Since its creation, the company has responded to complex projects requiring a high level of know-how, quality and service. Always attentive to its customers' needs, it develops its activities by extending its areas of expertise to the complete fitting out of a space following a global methodology including the integration of audiovisual techniques, lighting design, electro-acoustic design, as well as any fitting out required for a quality meeting space. In the same perspective, WAVE also knows how to surround itself with the right partners to carry out exceptional projects.

In 2007, WAVE created WAVEinside and also became a manufacturer of furniture dedicated to meeting spaces.
The team, initially composed of sound engineers, electronics engineers and an interior architect, was then strengthened with the arrival of a designer and an in-house joiner-cabinet maker.

"Over the years, we were receiving more and more requests for meeting tables equipped with connectors. We started with existing furniture and tried to integrate the technology as well as possible. In 2007, we decided to reverse the process by creating a range of tables and furniture that could integrate all the techniques. It was now up to the joinery to adapt to electronics and not the other way round."

In September 2014, WAVE has acquired the company See&Touch and thus complete its range of products and services with interactive kiosks and other MultiTouch furniture.

From now on, WAVE, WAVEinside and See&Touch are one, and communicate under a single name: 'WAVEinside'.

Always at the forefront of the latest technological innovations and strong of its new skills, WAVEinside works with a network of retailers, both in the 'Corporate' and 'Education' fields in Belgium, and internationally with the distribution of its range of furniture.

WAVEinside is nowadays a must for projects involving the furnishing of meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums or any other high quality communication space.

of your connected table in a few clicks
of your connected table in a few clicks