The advantages of videoconferencing - 04/09/2019

That's it, it's back to school! Some are still on vacation while others are already back at work, but in any case, September is still a sign of renewal and business is picking up. 

Files are accumulating and the workload is being felt on you and your team? Can't organize your days the way you want? Do you lose time while travelling? In that case, consider a videoconferencing system!

Videoconferencing greatly facilitates exchanges and provides a better understanding between team members. Decisions are then made more quickly and productivity is improved.

Increase collaborative efforts
Use videoconferencing to meet face-to-face remotely, which will help you build trust and speed up decision-making.

Reduce travel costs
Work from anywhere in the world and even attend online video training sessions!

Connect mobile devices and simplify mobility
Most smartphones, tablets and laptops make it easy to videoconference with people anytime, anywhere.

Obviously, videoconferencing is not intended to completely replace physical meetings in the same room, but it does have many advantages to improve communication in the company while controlling the inherent costs.

WAVEinside works with the leading video conferencing brands: POLYCOM, LIFESIZE, CISCO,... and implements communication solutions for your company.

Depending on your needs and environment, WAVEinside will guide you through the maze of possibilities in this vast and constantly evolving market.

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of your connected table in a few clicks
of your connected table in a few clicks