Arnold&Porter - Conference rooms

Law Firm, Bruxelles (BE)

    4 meeting rooms
    > 2 iWork+™ tables, dimensions : 510/150cm and 240/150cm foreseen to be converted into one single large table (890/150)via addition of mobile folding tables.
    > 1 iWork+™ table, dimensions : 240/150cm for videoconference room.
    > 1 'custom' mobile table, dimensions : 280/150 cm, consists of 4 folding mobile tables.
    Integrated technologies :
    - Extractable connections, HDMI, VGA, Network and Power, distributed for an easy acce by each of the participants.
    - 'SHOW-ME' function for VGA connections.
    Finishes :
    - HPL Laminate, reverse bevel edges, thickness 40mm, Aluminium.
    - EONA™ base, polished aluminium.


    of your connected table in a few clicks
    of your connected table in a few clicks