Corogen - Telepresence room

AV Solutions, Bruxelles (BE)
    Show-room, Telepresence room.
     > IDecide2Fly™ table, dimensions : 300/150 cm, 4 persons capacity in 'Telepresence' mode, and 10 persons in 'classical Meeting' mode.
     Integrated technologies :                    
    - Extractable connections, HDMI, VGA, Network and Power, distributed for an easy access by each of the participants.
    - 1 iScreen™ retractable monitor.
    - Integrated microphones for Videoconference.
    - Touchscreen for automation.
    Finishes :     
    - HPL Laminate, grey Elm, reverse bevel edges, thickness 40mm, Aluminium.
    - Delta™ base, brushed stainless steel.

    USED PRODUCTS : Touchscreen Automation, iDecide, iScreen, Videoconference & Telepresence

    of your connected table in a few clicks
    of your connected table in a few clicks