SES ASTRA - Conference rooms

European Satellite Operator, Luxembourg (LU)
    Castle Conference Center, 9 meeting rooms and board room.
     Audiovisual techniques divided into 21 rooms.
    > BARCO™ projector.
    > PANASONIC "65", "85", and "103" plasma screens.
    > EXTRON™data/video source selectors.
    > Multi-channels  dimmer LUTRON™.
    > Electrical screen.
    > SXGA JVC™ camera document. 
    > CRESTRON™ control system with built-in touch screen.
    > Different sources: VCR, Satellite Receiver, DVD Player, videoconference…
     Specific integrations.
     > Display panel system for room uses: a display panel is installed in front of each room and shows the name of the
    room, time and the names of the two upcoming appointments. 2 general display panels are installed in the two entrance
    halls; they cover all the information of the different rooms.
    > The control systems in each room are networked to be able to be managed (extinction, sending messages,..)
    from the hall counter.
    > Hall counter with integrated plasma and LCD screens.
    > Built-in and mobile touch screens in the meeting rooms.
    > Document Camera on automated lift supports integrated in the meeting tables.
    > Some rooms can be opened to form one larger room; The Automation of the rooms is adapted for different

    USED PRODUCTS : Flat Screens, Touchscreen Automation, iSee, iWork+, Room Reservation Systems, Videoconference & Telepresence, Videoprojection

    of your connected table in a few clicks
    of your connected table in a few clicks